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Pregnancy and Headache: Headache During Pregnancy, Pregnancy Symptom headache, Treatment of Headache During Pregnancy

Women are prone to headache

Stress headache or tension headache are the ones the women suffer from mostly. There are biological reasons for headaches also though the reason can not be particularly ascertained.

Most women feel it safe to take medicines for headache because of the physical workload at home and workplace.  The habit can not be curbed easily.  Women get less scope to change themselves and temperamental change in them causes insecurity in the household.

It is not easy for women to clearly pronounce her difficulties. She is neglected because most of the time her fears and complexes are because of her own ignorance and she is not equipped to handle the pressure.  But at times her problems are genuine which need attention for which she does not get support from her family members which compunds her tension.

No medication during pregnancy

It should be understood that medicine for a headache and blood pressure regulation is toxic for the child’s growth and can become fatal for it.  The doctor may prescribe medicine for a preganant woman in malaria infested area, but it is by exception rather than the rule.

This is the reason why there should not be any medicine taken for headache during pregnancy. A pregnant lady should have reservation about taking medicine for a headache during pregancny even if she has a prescription from the doctor.  Doctors can take a certain amount of risk in compromising the heath of the brain of the foetus in case of life risk.

But every woman knows that the brain of the chil is much more valuable asset for her than any degree of severity in her headache.   The medicines are often dangerous to a healthy person. And hence to the pregnant ladies.  For ladies who are under medication, should plan their conception accordingly.

When doctors say that some medicines are safe, then they are safe with 65 degree Fareinheit of temperature which should be strictly followed. Any temperature exceeding it, and the quality of medicine is compromised, and so also the life of the child.

Some facts about medication during pregnancy

Medicines like Depakote cause birth defects, but beta blocker medicines are relatively safe.  If injected drugs are in use, then conceiving should be a far flung plan.

Some may argue that birth defects may occur during early pregnancy, one can safely take medicine after a certain period of pregnancy. But it is risky business to play with life in this manner.  The would be mother should have a solid plan to conceive with sufficient treatment of headache.

Bulk eating is normally advised during pregnancy but food additives and long preserved food cause migraines. These foods should have to be avoided.  Sugar substitutes are better than complex carbohydrates but some sugars like aspartame (NutraSweet) are risky.  They are as good as the creation of Devil, as one puts it, for pregnant women.  Never go by the sugar bowel in the restaurants and the diet sodas.

It is better to take the advice of the doctor in case of a recurring headache that it is not secondary type caused by brain hemorrhage, meningitis, or tumors. CT scan and MRI should be done to ascertain the cause of headache before getting pregnant.

The labour inducing methods also cause headache/migraine. The doctor should know beforehand that you would better deliver the baby with your effort rather than through an artificial labour.

Alternative treatment of headache

One can have alternative treatment like cold packs, darkened room, and sleep rather than medication.  In any case, a pregnant woman should take adequate rest. So it is infitely better to take silent rest all by oneself rather than beiong amidst crowd and bright light or any other headache triggering situations.

Magnesium and Calcium are better option in Homeopathy to keep headaches away. One can use Belladona in case of Migraine. But one should remember that homeopathy medicines with no side effects are also prohibited for use during pregnancy by the doctors.

Keeping happy without stress is a requistite in case of pregnant women. Reducing stress is easier said than done. But it can be cultivated by making the mind silent.  Stress results when the mind races with arguments and reactions. All your flapping is of no use ultimately because things take shape over time and a reaction or two is not going to change the ultimate scenario.  Better it is to be magnanimous.

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VISITOR COMMENTS on "Headache During Pregnancy":

Pat said,
15th January 07
I'm dying to have a baby and I'm very depressed because i currently have to take medication for my chronic headaches

Annika said,
28th April 07
Your article is incorrect by stating that Homeopathy is prohibitied by doctors during pregnancy. To the contrary, Homeopathic remedies are the ONLY very safe options to use during pregnancy and recommended by all the Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, and MDs since there is no damage possible to fetus. -Annika Rockwell, CN


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