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Overweight and Headache: Problems Associated with Obesity, Treatment of Overweight and Depression

Body mass index (BMI), an indicator of overweight, is defined as the body mass in kilogram divided by square of height (meter), and according to an estimate 5% population, having a body mass index in the range of 25 to 30, suffers daily headache. People having body mass index above 30 are called obese and in such case the percentage of persons suffering from headache is higher.

Headache is one of the disorders, which require a complete diagnosis of the problem. Headache (migraine or non-migraine) is associated with constrictions of blood vessels. Sometimes the constrictions in blood vessels may cause by inflammation.

 Headache may cause various problems to people suffering from it; some of the problem has been summarized below.

  • Patients suffering from headache caused by obesity may find it difficult to follow the routine activity.
  • Headache by obesity may cause sleep disorders and if you are suffering from cluster headaches (headache in cycles), your cluster headache might have been developed from sleep disorder.
  • Headache caused by obesity may vary in frequency and duration. Depending upon severity of the disorder the symptoms like nausea and vomiting are associated with migraine and headache.

Problems associated with obesity

  • Obesity and overweight population is rising tremendously. In US alone more than 65% adult population is overweight, and is a major health problem. Obesity may be associated with a number of problems.
  • Obesity is directly associated with headache. Medicines used for treating obesity are also responsible for headache.
  • Obesity is a trigger for various diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cardiac disease, cancer and sleeping and breathing problems.
  • Obesity may increase the mortality rate.
  • Migraine and headache medicines may also cause obesity.
  • The quality of life among obese patients is different. Hence the management of headache in these patients is difficult.

Managing Obesity

  • Headache can be managed by various methods but at the same time, you should be advised to reduce weight.
  • You should be advised to consult a dietician and you should take the diet as recommended by the doctor or expert.
  • You should carry out exercise under the supervision of an expert.

Treatment Aim

If obesity is a trigger for headache and effective obesity and headache treatment should be adopted. The aim should have been targeted to

  • Manage obesity up to the most possible extent.
  • Reduce the frequency and duration of headache.
  • Reduce the severity of headache.
  • Reduce the symptoms associated with headache such as nausea and vomiting.
  • Reduce the overall medication.
  • Reduce the headache related tension and psychological symptoms.
  • Improve overall quality of life of patients.

Treatment Option for Headache

Headache should be controlled by medicines simultaneously you should keep a watch on your weight. You should carry out diet control, physical exercises and other relaxation technique to control weight and headache.

  • Some medicines for controlling headache may promote weight gain.
  • Some medicines known as anti-epileptics help in reducing weights.
  • Medicines such as sibutramine should be avoided.
  • Medicines such as tricyclics and corticosteroids should be used with caution.

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