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Migraine with Aura: Migraine Headache Aura,Cause and Symptoms of Migraine

What is it?

A migraine headache is often a recurrent headache that comes with a variety of symptoms. Individuals, who suffer from migraines, usually have no warning before they occur. In some cases, a few individuals experience an aura before the onset of their migraine headache. An aura usually begins anywhere between five to thirty minutes before the headache happens. An individual may see wavy or jagged lines, dots or flashing lights or have tunnel vision. This aura can also include hearing or vision hallucinations and an individual may experience strange odors. These events may last up to sixty minutes, and will go away once the headache begins.

What can cause them?

Migraine headaches are a common type of headache. A migraine is caused by an abnormal amount of brain activity; they may have been triggered by stress, food and other factors. Migraine’s can be triggered by allergic reactions, lights, noise, and lack of sleep, alcohol, caffeine, and changes in hormonal levels. They are many foods that can cause these types of headaches; they include diary products, chocolate, cheese, onions, and some meat products.

What are the symptoms involved?

An individual experiencing a migraine with aura may experience the following symptoms. They include seeing zigzag or flashing lines, visual hallucinations, blurred vision, eye pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and irritability. This headache usually starts on one side of the brain and then spreads to the other side of the head as the headache progresses. You should always inform your doctor or health care professional if your symptoms become worse or if you experience any negative reactions to the medications that you are taking.

How can it be diagnosed?

An individual will need to seek professional care if they suffer from migraines. A doctor will first need to get your medical history, a list of your symptoms, your family history and conduct a physical exam to see if anything else is causing the headaches. Based on this information, the doctor will be able to diagnosis your migraines. Many times a doctor will recommend an individual go under an MRI or a CT scan to rule out things such as a stroke, aneurysm or other condition that might be causing these headaches.

What treatments are available?

The treatment used to treat a migraine with aura depends on the severity of the symptoms a person is experiencing. A doctor can prescribe sedatives, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, codeine, and other medications. These medications are not the cure for the migraine headaches, but it is a way to control it. Some of these medications can cause possible side effects so it is important for you to watch any changes in your health while on these various medications. While these migraines don’t really threaten an individual’s life, it can result in some serious health conditions if not treated. A severe migraine with aura could lead to an individual having a stroke or other types of constriction of the blood vessels.

How can it be prevented?

In order to try and prevent the recurrence of migraine headaches, it is important for an individual to recognize the factors that may trigger these migraines in the first place. Many individuals can at times narrow it down to which foods and other factor tend to trigger the headaches. Once you do that, then you can reduce or eliminate those things from your diet and lifestyle. They are some medications that doctors can give to try and prevent migraines such as Ergots, serotonin agonist, and other medications.

An individual, who is experiencing migraines, whether it is an adult or a child, should seek out professional care if it lasts longer than a couple of days. Some of the symptoms that are associated with migraines with aura can be difficult to control, and an individual will to continually see their doctor and have their conditions monitored. Many times medications and treatments that were used in the past are no longer effective and they need to be changed as symptoms worsen or lessen. A treatments are designed individuals suffering from migraines with aura are better able to identify the early warning signs are can take the necessary preventive steps to lessen the severity of the headache.

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