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Kids and Headache

Facts about kid’s headache

A kid is as vulnerable to headache as the parents. Stress related headache is more common in children which results from fear psychosis because of fear of parents or fear of the teacher. If the child is somehow afraid of the school environment  (it may appear foolish when you discover that the child has a fear factor in the densely foliated school garden which he has mistaken as ghostly bush)  or is scared of  strict parent or a cold teacher, then headache is inevitable.  Believe it or not, this headache may develop into spontaneous migraine if not treated in time

Headache in the form of migraine is common phenomenon in case of adolescents before reaching puberty.  Recurring migraines are of course inherited from the parents.  Girls get more headache than boys after puberty. In fact, headache to the teenagers is a very rare phenomenon when the self assertiveness takes shape in boys.   Girls become less and less assertive with age unless properly brought up with right attitude and perception.

Types of headache

Headache has been classified into two categories: Primary and secondary.

Type a : 

Primary Headache (Tension headaches, migraine headaches and cluster headaches) The causes are temporary and can be easily got rid off with correcting living style.

Type b :

There are a number of  reasons why a secondary headache occurs These are recurring type, with scary reasons like brain infection, meningitis, tumors, and  a long forgotten head injury.  Many of them can be easily treated if  done in time.  Some others are fatal. For example: Strep throat causes frequent headaches.
Parental attitude towards kid’s headache

It is better if you are not too careless about your child’s health.  Kids are doing a thousand activities which even they do not remember and you are not aware of; e.g. falling of from a tree.  If it is a tree above the child’s heath, nobody takes note of. The initial yelling of the child is not very much noticed which may be an indication of sustaining a bad injury to the head area which the teacher almost forgets to report to you.  That is perfectly normal because she may be handling thousands of such cases in her life time everyday.

Time to consult the doctor

If your kid is very sensitive to anything, then he/she is the type who needs close watching from a distance.  The kid’s room should be adjacent to yours in case he/she is not sharing the room.  If the child gets up frequently at night, vomiting and nausea happens early morning which aggravates till school time (or it keeps on even after the light breakfast of fruits or sandwiches or without it) then you should start taking note.

If such kind starts happening frequently, then a checkup is necessary. Most of the times, talking to the class teacher is enough to soothe the child. Take the child out of a dance or drawing class if you know that the kid is being bullied.  In the age of steep competition, if your kid has an edge, then bullying may occur from the mannerism of envious parents, which the child never expects. It is better to privately educate the child with less restriction with a slower pace rather than exposing him/her to bullying.

There may not be same kind of complaints from the child.  The varieties are to be noted have a better insight about your child’s changing perception and the resultant reaction even if you are convinced that t is not a genuine headache.

Usual Questions of the physician

Don’t get unnecessarily tensed up when your doctor is asking questions about the kid’s headache. He is just trying to figure out the severity of the ailment. The more specific he is, the more accurate he is likely to be, but by the time he ends up with his diagnosis, use may have a nervous breakdown. Therefore it is better to be prepared beforehand about the likely questions the physician is going to ask you.  It is his job to cure you.  IT is your job not to distract him with your wracking.  Likely questions are as follows:

  • How frequent the headaches are?
  • How severe are they?
  • What are the features of the headache?
  •  What is the location of the pain?

Kindly remember that he takes care to rule out the possibility of a secondary headache.  And to do so, he may suggest a CT scan or MRI.

To help the doctor, you may add all your questions and observations those may help the doctor and relieve you of all your anxieties related to your kid’s health.  This way, you may help yourself out of a stress headache shortly after.

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