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Headache and Stress: Stress Headache Symptom, Headache Stress Tension

When the muscles in the neck, upper back and head are tightened, then stress headache or tension headache happens.   Stress and tension causes tightening of muscles. Anxiety is the state of mind that does not have any clue to a certain situation which is the reason why the coordination between the body and the mind gets disturbed.  The nervous system is instructed to fight the tension.  It is not easy.

The physical characteristics are shallow breathing, increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, and hence the muscle tension results. Women are more prone to anxiety than men.

Depression that causes headache

Adrenaline flow increases when there is tension in the mind.  Endorphins which are soothing agents working as counter to adrenaline becomes reduced in its flow.  The mind can not tolerate any more emotions. Especially the intolerance works in waves and acts in rebounds each time adding to the tension.  This increases the sensation of helplessness and the thoughts can not be sized up for any counter.

Tension in Women

Society is becoming more and more individualistic within the greater framework. Women are finding themselves lonely due to divorce, failed marriages finances.  Women are offered less salary than men because of several limitations.  They are not treated with sympathy even if they try to reach out towards achieving their goals. Some times this is taken as the weak point and she gets exploited by vested interests in the office.  With increasing sexual harassment which the women have to endure to save the job creates problems for her.

Women are the home makers. They are responsible for the running of the household and child care and education of the children besides her own engagement.  For working women who is deliberating desperately between office and home, between discipline and love, responsibility and affection is often ripped in between causing her significant tension.

Individualistic existence exists not only within the society but within the home also. Some times support from the life partner or people staying together becomes essential which is scarce to find in western society.   

Single parenthood has become a major problem to the unwedded mother.  It is catching up with the societies in other countries like India. But the responsibilities are immense and it does not suit the social fabric.  Extra marital affairs also affect more to the women than men.
 Marriage for girls may cause stress. Girls are at all getting any marriage proposals, girls not getting a person who Okays her job after marriage, girls not ready to marry a person who is below her education or salary level.   It may cause serious depression to many in the family too.   No way out, the girl has to be convinced about the situation.

Stress is part of one’s life and every or other person has to face one stress after the other.   Getting clueless about the stress or getting unduly stressed is the main problem.   The experience to manage stress comes with experience as one age and starts to accept him/herself as the person is.   This lowers the expectations and also better prepares the person to a better future.   Future of course, will never be according to one’s own planning but one should be able to ask the question: so what? But this is not to ask people to manage their own frustration.   Some times professional help has to be sought for.

A stress giving situation should be analyzed with the minimum and the maximum worst happening..  In case of the worst, one should be able to list out the best possible options to exercise for damage control. Some are acceptable but most of them are not even thought of.  If you are wasting time in any case by worrying, then waste it by thinking about the management techniques of the probable situation.

For example, most people worry about finances.  Delayed payment of salary. If the boss can not be screwed for paying your salary late, then make sure that you are not wasting time any more than required. Instead, take up some part time jobs that can give you some more immediate payments and start saving compulsorily. Once you start doing this,  it may feel difficult in the beginning, but ultimately it will give you  some time to go for a better job  which you are not searching currently because of crash crunch at the end of every month.

Worrying is wasting invaluable life energy.

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