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Learning About a Vascular Headache

A vascular headache is a headache in which the blood vessel swelling or disturbance causes the pain. There are effectively three major types of vascular headaches: the migraine, the cluster headache, and the toxic headache. In this brief article, we will take a look at the three major types of headaches in hope of shedding a little light on those suffering with some of the most incredible head pain this side of a George Michael concert. Of course, the value of the headache significantly can change with the addition of other stimuli that will inevitably make it much worse.

The Cluster Headache

The cluster headache is a type of vascular headache that is rare and debilitating. It is also known for being extremely painful and for its occurrence in groups or clusters, which is obviously how it got its name. The sufferer of the cluster headache normally experiences several severe headaches of piercing quality near the eyes or near the temple, lasting for around fifteen minutes to three hours. They are also associated with drooping eyelids, nasal congestion, runny nose, and other afflictions that appear to affect the sinuses and that general area of the head.

The Migraine Headache

The typical migraine headache is a type of vascular headache that is unilateral, throbbing, and can be aggravated by physical activity. The pain is moderate to severe and can be aggravated by exposure to light or noise as well. It is generally associated with a neurological disease of migraine, which is a disease that many people do not know they have. This creates confusion in diagnosis as many people can go on for a long time without knowing about the severity of the migraine and its effect on the body or then neurological system as a whole.

The Toxic Headache

The toxic headache is a type of vascular headache that tends to originate from a fever that was caused by an acute illness. From this point, the toxic headache continues to form into a full on headache, usually originated from such illnesses as the mumps, measles, and pneumonia. They can also be caused by exposure to certain chemicals such as pesticides or chemical solvents. A toxic headache is also caused by exposure to alcohol, also known as a "hangover". In short, the toxic headache is brought about by toxins that end up affecting the blood stream and the blood flow in the head.

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