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Spinal Headaches: A Word of Caution for all Women

It is a boon to gene a new life. The hospitals equipped with all the accessories to make the mother feel at home. But despite all the comforts certain medical interventions like this is because obtrusive interventions are quite frequent, including electronic fetal monitors and vaginal exams. Many women are also told when and in what position they must give birth. There are also many types of drugs that are given to women and these are often given in the spine, thus causing a woman to have a spinal headache.

Many hospitals give women an epidural these days. An anesthesiologist inserts a needle into the woman's back and administers this medication. It numbs the woman's body from her ribs to her toes. Women ask for this because they do not want to feel the pain of childbirth, also this is safer for both themselves and their baby. The obstetricians and nurses all encourage the use of an epidural in the delivery room without warning against the spinal headache it may cause.

An Aftermath of a Routine Epidural

Besides the spinal headache other ailments are associated with the epidural injections are immobility, the requirement of urinary catheterization, no sensation of labor or the pushing urge, lower blood pressure, the pelvic muscles become abnormally relaxed thus causing complications with the baby, a decreased production of oxytocin, and the increase in the need to use forceps or to do a cesarean section. Besides these, epidurals also make one more prone to heart attacks and spinal damage. Post delivery complains about chronic backache and a chronic bout with a spinal headache is quite normal.

Implications On Baby Unknown

The babies also suffer the effect of these epidurals. These narcotics can compromise the baby's respiratory efforts as the baby will have to metabolize them. Other side effects that these epidurals pose are ambiguous.

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