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Different Causes of Severe Headache

Everybody may have had a headache at some point of time in their lives though severe headaches may have forced them into rushing to get speedy medical attention to alleviate the excruciating pain without further delay. Severe headaches may be linked with meningitis, blood pressure, strokes or even brain tumors though they may yet be only rare causes of severe headaches. The more likely causes are simple ones such as a viral infection, sinusitis, and other forms of tension as well as musculo-skeletal conditions. In case the cause of a severe headache warrants emergency aid it should be availed of at the earliest.

Migraine, Sinusitis or the Flu

Meningitis causes an inflammation of the membrane surrounding the brain and is very serious. If not treated immediately, it may even result in death. The person suffering from severe headaches due to meningitis must be transferred to a hospital for treatment even though in its early stages, it may only seem to be nothing more than the 'flu'.

Another common cause of severe headaches is migraine and is a condition recurring mostly in a repeated pattern. At first, this type of headache may not be easily diagnosed, though classic severe headaches may cause a headache on one side of the head as well as make the person become averse to light and also vomit. Severe headaches caused by migraine may show all or some of the symptoms just mentioned.

Sometimes a severe headache may be a result of sinusitis when there is great deal of pain behind the cheek bones or above the bridge of the nose. In order to get relief, people use painkillers as well as steam. Many doctors recommend patients to place their face over a bowl of hot water and inhale the vapors. In case the eyes are also turning red and the pain doesn't seem to be diminishing, it is best to consult a doctor.

Very often the severe headache is accompanied by fever and may take the form of flu, tonsillitis, or chest infections as well as feeling tenderness in the muscles and a slight aversion to light. Glaucoma and some other eye problems that can be very acute in nature may accompany severe headaches and may result in the person having a red eye as well as failing eyesight. In case the symptoms are mild then the person can treat by using acetaminophen or in severe cases, he should call his doctor.

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