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Headache Cure - Natural and Otherwise

There are a number of different methods of finding a headache cure and some of them may include taking medications whilst others are non-medicinal. One such non-medicinal headache cure is to pinch the headache pressure point, which is the nerve cluster located in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. One should continue pinching this pressure point until the ache ceases and you will have found relief through this simple form of headache cure.

Another Japanese method of curing headaches is known as Shiatsu in which the knuckle or another hard object such as a massage stone is used with a certain degree of force at the centre of the person's hairline or in case of bald persons or those who have thin hair it can be done at about two inches above the eyebrows beside the centerline of the head.

The pressure is to be applied for six seconds and then the pressure is to be applied every two inches behind that point until one has reached the base of the skull. There you may give a light massage because theoretically one can ease the blood pressure through the application of pressure along these points.

A third and somewhat novel headache cure that does not necessitate using any medication is to try and visualize where the pain is occurring and to visually observe the ache. Concentrating on the headache is one form of easing the blood pressure and may work quite well and does not require any external stimulus.

Massage can help

There are also four other headache cures available that do not involve using medications and these include eyes area massage, eyes to nose massage, neck massage and scalp massage. each of these four methods of headache cure are natural and once they have been tried, the person should take deep breaths, lift their shoulders towards the ears for five to ten seconds to ease the pain and then drop them back to the normal position,

For those who want to try out other headache cures, there is the option of making use of Cervical Curve Correction Device (CCCD). This is a useful headache cure because it has been found that there are supposedly forty-five million Americans who have suffered headaches and thus have had the need to visit a doctor who very often finds that the major reason for having a headache is loss of normal neck curve.

To restore the normalcy of the neck curve, doctors have found a headache cure in the Cervical Curve Correction Device (CCCD). This proven tool helps to stretch and make the connective tissues of the neck stronger and thus, restore their natural curve.

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