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Common Causes of Headache and Neck Pain

A large number of reasons are possible by which you might have headache and a neck pain. These varied causes make it difficult to know just exactly what is causing the problem, which, naturally, makes treatment difficult. It can be as mild as light tension in your upper back and neck muscles to something as serious as meningitis. For this reason, you should always accurately diagnose your headache and neck pain by taking your body temperature and keep a track of it. Try to touch your chin to your chest. If you have a fever or your neck is so stiff that you can't touch your chin to your chest, you should see a doctor immediately, reason being it is a vital symptom of meningitis, which is extremely serious and needs immediate attention.

It's Not Meningitis

If you've evaluated your condition by the above means and either you don't have a temperature or you can touch your chin to your chest, but you feel uncomfortable to do so, you should look at some of the milder symptoms and other causes of headache and neck pain. One such cause is a tension headache, a kind of headache which arises due to tension in muscles causing both headaches and neck pain. Headaches and eye pain in conjunction to neck pain can also be a sign of too much working on a computer.

Working at a computer for long time should be done with care. Your monitor, keyboard and mouse should be at appropriate heights and angles to ensure healthy usage and help you to feel better. You should also evaluate your posture carefully to make sure that your headaches and neck pain are not associated with poor posture. In addition, try to stretch and exercise of neck and back, properly on a daily basis .If you work at a computer all day you should take breaks, even it is short, at least every 45 minutes.

Other Causes

The other causes of headache and stiff neck pain together can also relate to daily activities such as the way you hold telephone or the position in which you sleep. If the problem persists despite your efforts to avoid strain and the pain does not respond to over-the-counter pain killers, you should consult doctor. Your pain could be a symptom of fibromyalgia or a herniated disk and will need proper medical attention.

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Headache and Neck Pain