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Relief From Constant Headaches

Getting relief from constant headaches can seem like a miracle, especially if each day of your life has been spent knowing the constant pain that a headache can bring. If you are used to being locked in a prison of your own mind, seeing nothing but the reddened darkness of a constant throbbing pain in your temples and behind your eyes, you are likely going to squint as hard as possible to see the horizon if it contains any form of relief from your constant headaches. Many people would rather suffer certain diseases or sudden afflictions than they would suffer such constant headaches.

There may, for some, be literally no end in sight for the pain of those headaches. The consistency of such pain may be the only consistency their lives will ever know and, because of some strange condition that only a medical professional can assist with, may never know the true feeling of living without pain. A headache can change your outlook on life by zapping your energy and making you feel like a shell of a person with a constant throbbing and rotating pain coursing through the veins in your head. Your very existence is threatened, it seems, by constant headaches.

The Possibility Of Relief

The possibility, for some, may exist for some modicum of relief. You may be able to experience relief for your constant headaches if the doctors can place a correct diagnosis on what is causing them and what the root possibility for a cure is. It may create a new series of complications and headaches, ironically, as you go through several tests on your condition and sample some of the best in medical treatment assessment that exists. This creates a longstanding relationship between patient and doctor that, likely over time, develops in to more than one headache for the pocketbook as well.

Constant headaches are one of the greatest medical evils that face the world today, simply because of their nagging pain and likely because of the current affliction of these constant headaches on the author of this article. Headache sufferers often find themselves locked in a prison without a way out when they suffer from these, and it may become reasonable to inflate a little self-importance and a little self-pity on to the situation so as to create a valuable lesson. This lesson can be learned by anyone who has ever suffered constantly.

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VISITOR COMMENTS on "Relief From Constant Headaches":

Me said,
13th February 07
My husband suffers the pain described above, as he has now passed 3 years of constant headpain with absolutely NO relief. It seems doctors have tried absolutley everything, done every test in the book, and still the pain continues. How can we free him from this devastating pain?

Maksat said,
14th March 07
I also suffer the pain described above, as I have now passed 2 years of constant headpain with absolutely NO relief. It seems doctors have tried absolutely everything, done every test and still the pain continues. How can we free him from this devastating pain?

DRP said,
20th March 07
I wish I could help but I have had the same thing going on 6 years. I originaly have epilepsy and have part of my left temporal lobe removed. The pain started a year later (2001). Constant and I've tried just about everything. If you figure it out, tell me.

Cheryl said,
25th March 07
My husband has been suffering with daily chronic persistant headaches for over 2 years. He has had several rasotomy (sp?) where they burn the nerve and now has a stimulator implanted which gave him 50% relief. Its worth a try but he still needs a better quality of life. Pain at a 5 is still too high.

Dennis said,
31st March 07
i am a 60 year old male, i have suffered from the above, constant 24 hour headaches for 5 years. i have had scans, x-rays, cat scans, tried several perscribed tablets from my Dr, but to no avail. at times it is so bad i have thought suicide would be the only way out, but i am always praying that some one will come up with a cure as life is a real pain and your social life is no better, please if anyone has any suggestions please help

Chrisitne said,
9th April 07
I am a 34 yr old female, and i have a headache every day of my life. I have been diagnosed with migraines, but sometimes the headaches are not so bad to be considered migraine material. I recently found out that my biological father's mother had brain tumors and they may be hereditary. Any truth to this? I am worried, as these headaches have become a nusiance. I would love to have a day without some sort of headache.

DW503 said,
9th April 07
DW503 I have an ongoing headache for the past 8 months. It varies in degrees of pain from 1-7 and always there. I have been through eye appointments, Imatrex, allergy medication, Cat scan, MRI, Sleep study, a neurologist who prescribed Neurontin. Nothing helps. I see the comments but where are the responses? Help DW503 At yahoo seems to help except large does of ALEVE, MOTRIN and even then it is short term. Is there anything there that may fit. Been to my Doctor too many times to count but getting no where. Any help or point in the right direction will be much appreciated.

Nades said,
25th April 07
I suffer from consistent headaches and nothing seems to help except being in a dark room. I find relieve when I put some pressure on my palm, but this does not always help. I have been to the dr and now I'm waiting on test results. I wish there would be a straight forward answer as to y all these headaches

mia22 said,
29th April 07
im a 13 yr old female and i have had constant nd severe headaches EVERY DAY constantly. its getting so that painkillers dont work anymore. my father doesnt care but other symptoms ive had are numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, dizzyness and random high fevers that come and go throughout the day and then my temp goes down to around 95, and i also apparently have memory loss issues.and idk if this has anything to do with anything but my nailbeds are purple and i am always very pale. plz someone help!!!!!

vencan said,
2nd May 07
I feel for all of you will headaches, cause I suffer from headaches myself. I wonder if my worst headaches is how others' is their weakeast headaches? I believe mine are sinus headaches but my neorologist keeps telling me it is a chemical imbalance and that is why the reason for my headaches. I have taken antibiotics, imitrex, relepax, topax, indomethecin, lexapro and many more and no noticeable affect. The ones that do take the pain away is Advil, Aleve or one I really like is Aleve/Sinus but now you are limited to buy behind the counter. But it works great for my headache. That's why I think my headaches are sinus related. Sinusitis not Migraine. The Mayo Clinic has a writing about the difference between the two. Good luck to all with our search for our relief!!!


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