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What to do if You Suffer from Chronic Daily Headaches

Most people have an occasional headache, but a chronic daily headache is a any discomfort in the head and neck area that hits almost every day. It has been estimated that around five per cent of people suffer from chronic daily headaches.

Two Types of Daily Headaches

There are two classifications of chronic daily headaches: primary or secondary. Primary headaches are usually in people who have suffered from migraines for many years. These migraines continue to increase in frequency until they occur daily. Secondary headaches are usually caused by a condition or disease that is separate from the headache.

Because chronic daily headaches are so painful and persistent, they are often one of the most debilitating of all headaches. It is important to seek treatment so that you can live a pain-free life. If you think you might be suffering from chronic daily headaches, consult your doctor and chiropractor.


In order to be defined as a chronic daily headache, the headache must be present for more than 15 days each month. Sometimes the headaches stem from migraines that increase in frequency. Migraines are usually accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity. Others suffer from chronic tension headaches. These headaches are often a result of stress triggers, and if these triggers are not dealt with, they can become chronic daily headaches.

Sometimes a patient will develop chronic daily headaches out of the blue, without a history of headaches. They may be triggered by a life event or a sickness. These headaches are persistent and usually accompanied by a stabbing pain that will not go away.

Treatment for Chronic Daily Headaches

Chronic daily headaches can keep a person from living a full and complete life. The pain can be so debilitating that they cannot function as they would like to. It is important to treat symptoms before they control your life. Sometimes antidepressants are used to treat daily headaches. There does not need to be symptoms of depression present to make antidepressants work well for this treatment.

Beta blockers, a common high blood pressure treatment, also sometimes help these headaches. Anti-seizure medications can help keep chronic daily headaches at bay. Finally, muscle relaxants sometimes help relax the headache.

Usually over-the-counter pain medications do not help the chronic daily headache. If you think you might be suffering from this problem, consult your doctor. If medications do not help, consider going to a chiropractor. Often relief is just a simple adjustment. Get help right away so you can get back to life.

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VISITOR COMMENTS on "What to do if You Suffer from Chronic Daily Headaches":

Traz said,
5th April 07
I've suffered from daily headaches for years now, and seen a doctor about it several times; all of which couldn't help me in the end. I tried the possible solutions they provided, and went to see a Specialist; but unfortunately nothing worked. I also tried taking a herbal remedy for a while, along with visiting a chiropractor for a couple of months on a weekly basis; yet those things failed to help likewise. The only thing left to do is try visiting a Naturopath again for more 'natural' remedies... After all these years, it seems that no -one has any idea how to help.


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