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Cervicogenic Headache: Symptoms and Remedies

A cervicogenic headache is undoubtedly a complicated and serious ailment. There are different factors to be taken care off in this regards. The main is mainly related to the cervical spine and associated muscular support of the head interwoven with vessels and nerve supply in the head. The upper extremities of the skull are a complex structure wherein there are many vulnerable sites.

A reduction in the passage through which the nerves pass or lie can cause pain and loss of function. Furthermore, it is of high concern that if the pressure is acute then you are more prone to the headache.

More About the Cervicogenic Headache

The cervicogenic headache is an incredibly serious problem, and must be taken with the utmost seriousness. It may be instigated by chronic tension or acute whiplash injury, intervertebral disc disease or progressive facet joint arthritis etc.

Treatment for the Cervicogenic Headache

The treatment for a cervicogenic headache, involves a comprehensive evaluation of the possible causes and contributing factors. This involves a physical therapy, and an expert spine therapist should be referred for the treatment.

There are certain injections which are effective in these headaches. The most effective injections are x-ray guided facet joint blocks, especially of the upper facet levels. Caution! These should absolutely only be performed by a physician who is well trained, skilled, and experienced in such procedures, and if the investigation leads to the discovery of anything significant, then further treatment will be taken from there.

Consulting a trained and experienced physician is a must. The doctor would conduct a proper diagnosis and help you getting the proper treatment. This malady is extremely serious and should not be taken frivolously at any cost.

Do not panic or get scared - the ailment can be effectively and efficiently.

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Cervicogenic Headache