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Cause of Headache: Cause of Migraine Headache, Food that Cause Headache

People differently estimate headaches. Some say that it is nothing serious. Some suffer from it almost everyday of the year and find it hard to deal with. They keep a lot of restrictions to avoid the daily attack.  Most of us don’t realize that the simply looking headaches may be hinting at some serious implications.

Sinusitis is caused by infection the sinus nerves in the skull.  It may last up to three months and pain happens according to the site of infection like jaw, teeth, gums, cheeks and around the eyes,.  The indicators are purulent discharge and acute febrile illness.

Headaches that recur consistently are the ones that need serious examination.  Headache because of cold and cough are due to sinus problems. A long forgotten head injury may have affected some parts of the nervous systems or may have caused some infections.

Let us examine some of the causes.  Doctors have divided the causes of headache into three broad categories;  a) muscle contraction  b) Migraine and c)  Diseases related to head , eyes, ear, teeth etc. 

Stress related headache happens with tightening of the muscles around the neck (meningitis/ Subarachnoid haemorrhage), forehead, temples and around the head areas.  There may be other reasons of ailment than a simple headache.   But  if it is a simple headache, then  the causes are due to sitting and sleeping with unfamiliar positions, not resting after a stressful day, depression( that causes your mind to race towards negative direction rather than working out a solution) and spondilytis  (backbone and nervous  system problem).

Most of the people don’t know how to react to stress situations.   The heaven is not going to fall on you despite the desperate situations one undergoes.     You would be living despite all the bad situations. So think about the best options that are possible even under dire situations.   But people wallow and weep and invite headache.  Headache or no headache, you would have to move on, why not move on without it?

Analgesics relieve one off the pain but, too much of analgesic medication also causes headache. 

When blood vessels are pulled and dilation of cerebral arteries happens, then migraine is caused at one side of the head. It may be caused because of a stomach upset (over eating or under eating) which may cause vomiting and nausea or too much acidity.   Migraine may be hereditary.  An aura of flickering light or blurring vision may happen along with migraine.   Other kind of migraines may happen without any symptoms.

When the eye lens receives light, the light passes through the medium of the lens and hence light refraction occurs. Refraction gives a correct gauge of the depth and other dimensions for correct vision.  When this refractive index gets deviated from the standard fixed for it, it causes stress for the optical nerves leading to headache.

Tumors in the brain (Intracranial tumors) when get enlarged so as to push other muscles and the brain tissues, then headache is caused. It occurs very rarely and is fatal in almost all the cases.

Elderly patients develop a kind of neck stiffness in case of Subarachnoid haemorrhage.   The symptoms are always not apparent because it takes time to develop.

Headache that is termed as temporal arteritis is persistent getting acute at night with the patient trying to take sleep.  It causes sleeplessness and reddening of the eyes in elderly people who are over 50.  The scalp feels tender to touch.  

Irregularity in washing the scalp   regularly may cause anxiety in people who cannot take everything kindly for themselves and are hysteric about passing time also suffer from headache.  This condition is also applicable to people who are cleanliness fanatic.  They suffer from defective isnophyll percentage in the blood and suffer from regular headaches.

Heading because of Primary angle closure glaucoma is rare causing ocular hypertension to elderly people.   The blurring of vision accompanied by vomiting is a perplexing situation for someone. Headache comes and goes and the patient sees colors around the halo of a light source.

Obese and fat women suffer from Idiopathic intracranial hypertension.

Fatal headache because of carbon monoxide poisoning may cause death if the patient is allowed to live with suffocation, vomiting, giddiness, muscular weakness and blurred vision and vomiting.  It is a sign that the brain is seriously being cut off of the oxygen supply somehow.

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Moggy said,
31st December 06
hey, ive been suffering from regular headakes or migranes for the last few years, i find my self wih a headake nearlly everyday, some poeple say its due to not haveing enough good foods in terms of startch & whole meal foods. if anyone knows wot foods in perticular can cause migraines - bearing in mind that i have a sweet tooth then please emial me on aaisha_mirza@hotmail.com i am also recently been diagnosed with anemia - would this have any link?? i would appreciate any help or eating, sleeping or genral tips .. thank you


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