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Depression and Headache: Symptoms of Headache Caused by Depression, Medication

Depression may cause to develop headache and headache may cause to develop depression and therefore the person having depression elevates depression and chronic daily headaches. Women are three times at higher risk than men due to their biological and environmental conditions.

It is most important to control the sign and symptoms of depression as soon as the symptoms appear. A very low level of depression can ultimately reduce the affect of medicine and can trigger the headache.

Symptoms of depression

The following symptoms of depression should be discussed with your doctor as soon as these symptoms develop.

  • Feeling irritated or sad
  • Insomnia or sleep disorder
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Agitated mood
  • Sluggish feeling
  • Weight change and
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression and tension headache

Tension headache is more common in people suffering from depression and generally not aggravated by physical work and it is also not associated with other symptoms including nausea and vomiting. It is established that the biochemical balance in the brain and nitric oxide are responsible for the cause of tension headache. It is well established that the relaxation techniques are most suitable for managing tension type headaches.

Depression is one of the most important triggers of tension headache and it can elevate the problem of a mild headache to chronic headache, if not managed properly. Due to depression, various other problems such as high blood pressure, high heart rate, insomnia and headache occur and aggravate at a continuous pace.

Symptoms of headache caused by depression

The following symptoms are generally associated with the headache caused by depression.

  • Headache occurs in both sides of head
  • Pain also occurs in back of the head and neck
  • Sometimes the entire head is affected in diffused manner
  • Sometimes sensation, tightness or squeezing pain is observed
  • The intensity of the headache varies regularly.


Some of the following relaxation techniques are useful in controlling depression, stress or anxiety.

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation or Yoga
  • Progressive relaxation


Although in most of the cases headache get better, if the affected person controls depression, stress and emotion. Simple relaxation techniques and avoiding headache triggers may help in managing headache.

If mild headache continues, simple medicine such as aspirin or paracetamol may be affective for controlling headache.

For controlling severe headaches, your doctor may recommend you the medicines suitable for controlling your symptoms. In such a situation, you should avoid taking over the counter (OTC) medicines and should carry out treatment under the supervision of your doctor.

Other Headache Therapies

In addition to relaxation, and medication other therapies such as acupuncture, a healthy life style, management of depression and yoga and meditation should be practiced for obtaining better results.

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VISITOR COMMENTS on "How to Get Rid of Depression and Headache":

ash said,
21st March 07
hi guys, my friends know me as one guy who can survive on just oxygen and optimism,but recently i entered into a depressive phase.the headache i have is debilating and kills me every moment.living has become a pain.I am on SSRI`s but not helping.Pls help...any suggestions mail me at casa_boomboom@yahoo.com...i`ll be thankful

harsh said,
25th March 07
hi,guys i was a very extrovert and energetic person who didn't care for anything but since one year my life has become hell i m badly depressed without any reason. i don't want to get up from bed and my mood is not in my control and my total energy or power has sucked by this desease. if there is any help plz mail me at harish_sngl@yahoo.com

Lupe said,
27th April 07
i am 16 year old that has had depression for a logn time and has taken medication for it and now i quit the medication and i dont go to therapy no more and i am feeling done and sleepy like i was while i had therapy and i want to know if it is a sighn that i got my depresion back can you message me back with an answer at chivloca56@aol.com


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